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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 10  ABC  January 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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thid of wi these winds w coldcoming through livek fr deer. snow sing tol the ght w. we he te rage artingith mtraer mik ever.. o ke ibthnit: aolfron wi mthroh ng chce s gu wis is eni the wi urro prty qckfter it ssraha ov tower gh t colr indes e st but muonould igerght tempatur will lderhan la t' but n by mu. mostreas wl be in e 20ind wi decrein intey ovght, withy cldy ieunday:er a break ea sundthe stro torm a fromhe souwe nday afton sn to fallavily sunday ening and co-3" hour. winds will remain sty and his ly ach the 30s - 30 degrees ss than it was onteed: the is thpol for heavy beginningsunday night a lasting thh mo and int tuesdafo this syem movt by day. ts ncertain gardthe exac achis whicgrimpactth of end h bu a unofowly iountre aoo expecd a widd ba along tidndooo me swith lckwiortearro wn
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day d dnesday ndlikelay and keye o this thnter in t anpeop gettiny d monument. this area is on e fr of the first colt ading r way.ntinui cover.. oke peop stog or t next fedaysord the ing th eve knocked do powerlines souer loraaran dicaon - this mi
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gett prepearl r&k gll t gs w ed mforod sie we'lbe uck insihousro so kathy d idea hund othepeop did. 1:27 illgoshoppi on rsonth i decide go todoid m :40 perswas madh r seenthis & k 1: crsy, 15 minu wait for , ye bu ocked sentia sure they drive ads 1ms i codan be p haowwi althtrc k
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n gathe ow ks h r ye crews e int . th 't tell mthei prs e on cameracae ki to relax fo ng week r pe they pn onw days ofching ad movies. 1:13 d reas homeain, cre will bin midnightto heat on"sol" prtreaea nd. d mtraer s u d tto o v,n e dio anonne kr d c. yocaal downadur stmtrack 1 p r phe ananoi pocede are archg tot a ooteo lledpeon amotoyc po. n otrs arrecong toniafa oo.
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lewas beand reot ffedor ri dinkr nechanl 13's angelica lombdi sce all day d s new informiofor onhtthe colo morcycpo fili al nu evef nic.were psco t t caack sban lered r fie out t st"w he rtdeed d ip ims e hospal tnse sath e e eerirc but poliys earl r whic motorcycle clubs the fit t the evenevy cas a eat milyers eoe wa
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that me o's st ulyea pove nverheth l ceeras mparpledn lodo actimsh aelaur repredgsik." po stheron o inst b ntino mor ene thh ay. usperyis ahe mi a ." ver, gecaloar krdo wsanne l 13rr'smorc eo dves been cle wel ve updas foyou k-r-o d co t at ues. zense ght to thily a marin pt new t, aaghetti place sargy r's yoma membersargent ler and 11 other mas went ing afteth cras oahu. e navy clared the last we. th happened at th an legn in fountain
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o nses forsargea s er sa theuppog.i't re i bdog ..t helpa t havievybnd tao ow at nale, tt s her g roh vee roh is seles moerectltued fro me f h n inaimoneom ghll elp e nses. colora springs fifighte aregure t deadtogh dend sopplanrnhouse fi appe thorng ie -hun k elue. 'sci e. man dindix op aow okinfor acay. ews l woing teth use.uthat rut n.neor sammotker up investigs not yet the
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new tonight,ly of a puurr vi iil okfojue yes tethres of ca le ld rst eb th csu ei la w d kiediv yes toonlub no ive. yocan readmo itomorr's ieftn. chieai whse lora ripoce othersslowed ase n stodnigh police say i happenedar this mng f and main c in the city's eastpolice nty putiesed t charle son t of s vehicl that whe f er poced to o li s hso pi ceasulon an oic gean drivg de the inueof dr state laakers id eigos in pblo toy. setoley garcia a prentive daneyaesr a tn
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i, le raiwandbr i joe o fr theabegti t hived the esth ste reizthat eblods ur ll b e taayer he s theyope lawm inve m ney in acornd e way al nd usto t pos on . pelsrobo ses hp ifre enoday on t puan s tru held s to de egte ss s of tedtrump d his attacktrumght. constuonal ers w sa he t run for est..if he ect h ist nna ab to rv thdecrat argog sue him ife he nonaon, thgog s d , atheell are
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t i topoa n wa ar. 's deatwcrs clinto erin iow es moeste a statisticaltie to cl help fr high p suppor, g her ug a fo coressn gabbor sh rin enreo.buhaigll nd cot.sand onhe probmse had an is say i l bernlike hiss but het win. you know? he's j gonna be able to win. : an u? srsimdly sohenswer is y an win ag i and u te on on 26 er ite, k m. re
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puties reed hse yerind ti t mog. ti d th to n thorni whthe weidin mait oaofinte van parki o whols et ir cae c oned hielinas gh -yeaol osfan ghi nder arre for suspoflpinen pe. officials d one ofthpe reti buear et w 're ge an inse look tot on t agt the irn h ahome.. the e le repd caseinozenthem nabrazsoie e r ouringighb mosq di theyls er nks kilan
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dr tis srydealin e at wo rm ral, mon fo-thod ses babs g rn wh noly alad ieis suectheye rely coteto zika s ri prnadoow. thow mu l see, c up ese oysc wbe g in emen b al minge mode..astradn
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chce sy anstwis thveng. thnd teerates dp pr qui a esin cesoversnow tot as told invastatcula
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nigh b. re in s. w nsitoverghwi mdy ie a earlsuayst wi sto aivfr t sthonsn l tfa avsuay ancod re2"-3 hlln gud s reth30- grs lehan onday! : this tengaythugh ntrltuesda t trenc ofhis whtly cts e amou'll witt goodoflily. moan aoot eecs ere. alo-2 id is also pole iwi less the ormtrack arw down tnehours. it's sathat traveexpeed inning sug through tu posslyntwedamog. andels n
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sendto tde outs a colling isnd.. ashe amystr al"f fa sdets an nt tscmpin dgou ho t ent
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lk to, it lear pemyitwabuer f a ip e enelas llerntbo 5be or e ll co fro to ting goofoba ah ng s, ant thsa pinfoles of l hey rehirlr th we. thlinars robas befo the oncotry win othe bowl of 'sch visi uthern do be head
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e eers wet hyk tort lo wes y.peopined there to getogr d pies lwe s w e fao yss hato s the tm shts t bereinto ser bo. prevytng tha e ons d eny sodisy it'seay prectivend enyablan n the onco
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e rd e onnsbe in ea.. is pro wres asthomas a l cahe yabe twayof s nst pittgh and infas lameomas t00 ymay on .. coa
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may a p kubsa y mema a p 's troub .. "bok himaway l. i've nevany gu on a couplees, an a compliment goa go twin other and un th's reall ll bre he s wibe ere'lo nghe's ryel'lbe t so ts aratnver theon heo sa rrow ye inteedsa farl bueabrat 12 motainim... y'r drivg earndhameyolly e e onhe w to d-.. airchock onluwon 6 of and vet st ga scey d . okina sweeto o t ch ts e - ma e meit
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ea..ane y shhe n long sea me... ey e grfi 1 . c-oktoswthr ga nebrkaha . 1.noa gr t thrs jorner ah) uc sggud ricks. 3.maveck. odnoup..unte slidesgoie.. e t gh s n he'sba cialis e . ta wh e .. d .terror .bitoezer..fiine in anon...) enaska burrl los thhale g bk d ysit3. buth arta ofe tt bu.. rt ros 7 . tthlads..
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lm's "pm"o ppbrst s . 1. he th sp shy- lmer tve t so g men . r heund pu.. 3bandth do streh ..da bruser . koo. hits t touotd .. hi a se ..d spnsn terror . .. ibp wi sh mi a
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